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RETRO: Pixel Lust II will take place in Blackburn next month


RETRO games art exhibition Pixel Lust will return to Blackburn for a second time next month.

Pixel Lust II will run from March 16-29, and will, like its predecessor, take gamers back in time with a selection of original work by local artists, alongside vintage consoles and retro games.

On display will be everything from the ZX Spectrum to the Philips Videopac G7000, a console partly built in Blackburn.

Gamers can also get a blast from the past with classic titles such as Manic Miner and Donkey Kong or battle it out at a gaming party for the coveted golden joystick.

Gaming-inspired crafts such as the Stitch a Sprite workshops will take place at the Blackburn is Open-backed event as well as jewellery, electronics and programming workshops.

Music event Beats of Rage II will include 8-bit DJs and live jazz interpretations of classic video game tunes.

But perhaps most importantly for organiser Alex Martindale the exhibition will feature artwork inspired by computer graphics including paintings, screen prints, graphic illustrations, installations and pixel art.

Alex, said: “A lot of My friends who are artists from Blackburn have been influenced by this era of video games and I want to explore the link between the games and art,” said Mr Martindale.

Other events will include Tech Jam, an open source electronics event for people wanting to start “home brew” projects as well as an introduction to basic coding for youngsters with Scratch software.

Pixel Lust II, 16-29 March, Blackburn Is Open, 65 King William Street. Volunteers/sponsors wanted, email info@pixellust.co.uk

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