With modern technology and other tools, it’s never been easier to find a placement. There are literally thousands of placements out there. Here are some top methods of finding these worker

Search enginesWith the internet you’ve got a massive database of placements in your own room/lap. Go on to Google and type in, for example, “Accountancy Placements” or “Engineering Placements” and you’ll literally have thousands of results for places all around the world. There are even specialised sites…

Specialised websites

Specialised sites such as or will do all the hard work for you when searching for a placement. You can narrow down searches to your location or specialised area and it will show a list of available placements matching your criteria. Simple!

University careers service

You probably know this but your university will do anything to help you further with your future career. This is the same with work placements. Go to your careers advisor or anyone who deals with work placements in your university and ask them to help you sort it out. There’s no doubt they’ll have a database of placements and they’ll endeavour to get you on what you’re looking for.

Contacting an organisation

Find the companies contact details from their website or other means and email them. If email doesn’t work, ring them. In fact we recommend ringing them as this will get you connected with them straight away and there’s no delay in waiting for a reply. Try going into their building in person. It shows initiative and confidence and helps you sell yourself more.

Contact several companies at once

Don’t just set your sights on one company. They may take a long time to get back to you whereas others may literally reply within the hour. It’s good to spread things out so you have a better scope and chance of obtaining a placement.

Newspaper, magazines and books

Whilst the majority of our modern life is dominated by technology, there’s nothing wrong with the good old yellow pages, newspaper or magazine. Search through these and find areas related to what you want. You might find placements being advertised in front of your eyes or just a company that interests you. Whatever it is just contact, contact, and contact.

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