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Call Centres

Our experienced call centre advisors answer the order and enquiry calls from our many customers.
The orderline advisors answer calls from customers wishing to place a telephone order; the orders being input directly onto our systems, where they then go for processing. When it is appropriate the orderline advisors may also offer customers other products, such as ‘extended warranties’ for electrical products or perhaps items which may be the ‘offer of the day’.
The careline advisors answer any enquiry calls that our customers may have, always striving to ensure that their enquiry is resolved correctly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Customer Administration

The Customer Administration department handles all of the customer enquiries that come in by post or by email. This department also liaises with our carriers and suppliers and will investigate any goods lost, returns or product related enquiries on the customer’s behalf.

Data Prep & Order Processing

The Data Preparation department also includes the Mail Opening section, where each day approximately 10,000 envelopes are received from the Royal Mail. These envelopes, once opened are split into three main categories – written orders, payments (cheques, postal orders, credit card) and correspondence.
The written orders are batched together and passed onto one of the data keying sections for keying onto the order systems for processing. Most of the written orders are processed on an OCR (optical character recognition) system, where the orders are verified by the clerks before they go into the system for processing.
The payments that are received through the post go into the Banking department where they are keyed and processed onto the system and are then posted onto the customer’s accounts.

The written correspondence that comes from the Mail Opening department is passed onto the Customer Administration department for investigation on behalf of the customer.

Quality & Training

The RQM department (Random Quality Monitoring), is a team of experienced clerks who are continuously monitoring the call centre agents who are answering the order line and care line calls. They provide feedback on the call centre agent’s performance, and also ensure that the correct procedures are being followed at all times.
There is also a dedicated Training Team who are responsible for ensuring that any new employees are trained to the correct standard before they are able to work ‘live’ in their relevant department.
The Training team also conduct any further additional internal training that may be required in the event of any systems or procedural changes.

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