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By joining the Enterprise club, you will gain access to business leaders, alumni, industry mentors as well as workshops and networking meetings in East Lancashire.




Champion of Champions competition now open – register your interest!

Building on the 2015 Prepare for Work employability programme, the Champion of Champions is a national competition, run by the National Skills Academy for Financial Services to help UK FE college students, aged 16 to 25, to develop their employability skills and improve their chances of securing and maintaining employment.


How it works

  • Students work in teams of up to five and use their creativity to plan and run an event at their college to help their peers develop their employability skills, whilst enhancing their own in the process.
  • Teams submit an online entry form, telling us about their event by 5pm on Friday 13 May.
  • 8 teams will be shortlisted to attend the national competition final in London, in mid- June, where members of the national winning team will win an iPad mini each and their college will be awarded a trophy.


Why should your college get involved?

  • It is a great opportunity to boost your enrichment programme and help your students develop their employability skills and boost their CVs.
  • You can apply for up to £2,000 to help your students get involved and make their event as impactful as possible.
  • You’ll receive a free resource pack containing a competition guide and a range of easy to use activities which can be used to support your participation in the event.


Register your interest now!

Register your interest by completing the Expression of Interest Form. We will then send you an email containing the competition guide and Prepare for Work toolkit and we will be in touch to see what support we can offer.


Find out more about the competition on the Skills Academy website or by contacting the Skills Academy on 0845 618 2413 or prepareforwork@nsafs.co.uk.


Best wishes,


Prepare for Work team

National Skills Academy for Financial Services


Download an Enterprise pack here:

Starting a business

Why start a business?


Setting up a business presents obstacles that you would not otherwise face if you continued working for someone else. These include keeping track of your finances, hiring and managing staff and conducting market research.

Learn new skills and knowledge

In order to overcome the challenges you will be presented with in your business venture, you will pick up new skills and enhance existing ones.

These include time management, organisation, communication, teamwork, accounting and numeracy, giving presentations, business planning, developing a brand, and website design.

Be your own boss

it’s your business, so whatever you say, goes! Some people don’t like working for others because they don’t agree with their bosses’ decisions or just don’t like the feeling of being told what to do all day.

It’s true that most entrepreneurs will tell you that they could never go back to working for someone else!

See the direct results of your labour

Being in charge means you can get things done your way. This means doing what you want with your business on a daily basis, and knowing that your actions have achieved any success you make.

Interest and enjoyment

if you’re bored of sitting behind a desk at work, dealing with snippy customers or avoiding your constantly complaining boss, doing something you love every day seems like an attractive exit option.

If you have a well-constructed business plan and think there is a gap in the market you can plug with something you enjoy doing, then it’s worth taking the leap.


Running your own business means you get to lay down the deadlines.

You’re on your own, so it’s up to you to be self-disciplined enough to get things done on time in order for your venture to make good progress.

Innovate and create

Your idea is your business, so it’s entirely up to you what your business is about.

Its success will also depend on how you develop your concept, allowing you to express yourself and find ways of making it attractive enough to generate profit.


Being an entrepreneur means you have to wear many different hats.

These include: accountant, marketer, manager, writer, pitcher, designer and researcher.

Experiencing this sort of variation in your job every day can be very fulfilling as long as you’re prepared to learn all the skills and knowledge required to perform these roles.

No more commuting

if your journey to work each day takes 45 minutes or more, that’s an hour and a half each day that you could be spending doing something you enjoy!

Although you may have to move your business to a small office once it has grown sufficiently, starting out by working at home is a great way to save money on costs.

If you’re someone who has to endure a long commute to work and back each day, this may seem like a good enough reason in itself to become self-employed.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking only big companies can make big bucks. There are many entrepreneurs who have made millions on their own through hard work and lots of determination.

Second career

If you still enjoy your day job but want to set up a business, or just want the security of a regular income until your venture becomes established, you can always juggle the two.

Set yourself strict hours in your spare time when you will work on your business – it may seem tricky at first, but works once you get yourself into the habit.

After all, your health is more important than anything and you don’t want to burn yourself out!

Dreams really can come true

Despite what the papers say, the government isn’t completely useless at supporting the country’s budding entrepreneurs.

They’ve made it easier in recent years to set up a company and secure funding by cutting red tape and other bureaucracy.

Organisations such as the Prince’s Trust and AngelsDen also offer funds for business start ups.

With the right attitude, your business venture can go a long way and make substantial profits.

Check out our Startup Success Stories to be inspired by those who have already achieved their dreams.

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