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Can you help shape someone’s future?

Offering a young person work experience not only means a valuable extra pair of hands, but you could also spot a potential future employee.

The recruitment process

We will work with you to understand your business and the kind of student you are looking for. We will also accommodate the level of involvement in sourcing a candidate that is most appropriate for you. If you would prefer, you can be very involved in the process, including handling formal applications and interviewing.

What is the cost for my business?

Work experience placements can be unpaid, but bear in mind we will ask you to devote some time in preparing for the young person’s arrival and supervising them during their placement. Paid placements and part time jobs can be more beneficial in some cases as this creates a stronger relationship between the employer and the student. It also gives students more worth and can lead to increased motivation and productivity.

What kind of students do work placements

  • We have around 3500 students aged 18 + many of whom are mature students (24+)  who will potentially be looking for a work experience placement.
  • Many of our students are in work and looking for a change in careers.
  • They have already taken a positive step to training in your industry area and are ken to apply their theoretical learning.
  • You can choose to have one, or several placements – either at the same time, or spread out over a year.

How do people prepare for work experience?

Students studying Foundation Degrees at the University Centre at  Blackburn College undertake Two modules dedicated to work based learning and placements form a key part of these modules.

What does the young person get out of it?

They are exposed to the rigour of real work – they are expected to arrive promptly, present themselves professionally and contribute enthusiastically to any task assigned to them. In addition, they will be learning about how a business works and applying the theory they have been taught in a real-life environment. A meaningful work placement will help students decide on future careers or study options and demonstrate their potential to future employers or universities.

When do the placements take place?

Most of our placements will happen between September and June – though summer placements in July and August are also a possibility depending upon a businesses needs and requirements.

How long do placements last?

We understand that taking a student on a work placement is a mutually beneficial arrangement and so work placements are employer responsive. We try to match placements to an employers requirements where we can.

What are my commitments?

  • We will work with you to select the most appropriate candidate for your company.
  • We will ask you to confirm that you have in place Employer’s Liability Insurance.
  • We will ask you to allocate a named supervisor to take responsibility for the young person on a day to day basis.
  • We may ask you to comment in a work experience diary.

If you are interested in offering a work experience placement, please call 01254 292375

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