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BSI is always looking at new ways we can encourage students to study and research standards. This year, we would like to invite students to join a pilot project, which will see us supporting those who wish to take on the challenge of resolving a live business issue.


What is it?
As students decide what they would like to base their final projects and dissertations on, we would like to encourage and support students who have an interest in researching standardisation. We are offering students the opportunity to work on live issues that we have identified a need for further research and information on.

How will it work?
Students are invited to apply to work on the three attached briefs. BSI will offer support by connecting students to contacts that can help them with their research and being available for interviews and guidance throughout the process. There will be no remuneration for students taking part.

Due to the workload of staff involved, there is a limit to how many students we can support. Students wishing to apply will need to email, stating which project they would like to work on and sending a CV with a brief statement detailing how they would approach the project (1,000 words max). BSI will confirm who we are able to support with these projects by March 13th.

Research Question 1
Comparing sustainability achievements of organizations – a possibility or a pipedream?

As more and more companies are developing their own environmental/sustainability strategies and report in different ways, it is becoming increasingly difficult for investors to quickly compare the sustainability credentials of different organizations.
This research project should identify what guidance, tools and methodologies are available to organizations to set their strategies and plans, and produce their reports (eg GRI, CDP, Integrated Reporting Initiative). It should explore the limitations and relative merits of each approach and consider how to develop a common approach to environmental/sustainability strategies, plans and reports that would be beneficial to industry and investors alike.
Support from BSI
BSI staff available for interview, access to BSI contacts.


Research Question 2
Is there the opportunity for consolidating or benchmarking sustainability schemes in the travel and tourism industry?

Within the travel and tourism industry there are many labelling schemes that offer assurance of the sustainability credentials of the organizations claiming compliance or given certification. Efforts to align these schemes have been already been made, not least through the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Recognition and Approval schemes, which aim to assess and verify the alignment of a scheme’s standard with the GSTC criteria.
There is considerable published research into sustainability labelling and certification but what we’d like to know, in terms of the UK market, is
1) what benefit would companies operating in the outbound tourism sector see in the development of a rigorous, consensus-based international standard, carrying the ISO brand, that established either
a) a standard that recognises companies that operate more sustainably in the tourism industry, or
b) a standard for schemes, meaning that conforming schemes would be operating to an independent, internationally agreed standard;
2) what benefit would companies operating in the inbound tourism sector see in
a) the development of either of the international standards described in 1) or
b) the development of a British Standard for companies to operate sustainably in the UK tourism industry.
We’d particularly like to know how companies might perceive the benefit of these standards in their business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships, and whether they’d be willing to become involved in the standards’ development.
Support from BSI
BSI staff available for interview, access to BSI contacts


Research Question 3
Is there an appetite for sustainability of the food and hospitality sector?

There have been a number of visible initiatives in the food and hospitality sector aimed at improving the industry’s performance in sustainable development, and so enhancing its reputation. For example the Sustainable Restaurant Association and ‘Go Green with Gram’ an initiative from a major refrigeration manufacturer.
We’d like to know how much uptake there is of industry-led quality assurance schemes, whether the industry would see benefit in moving to a universal, formal, standard, and whether leading players and associations would be willing to become involved in its creation
BSI staff available for interview, access to BSI contacts

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