Age UK – Street Collections


On Saturday 6 June we have a licence to hold a street collection in both Blackburn and Darwen Town centres and across the Borough.  We are only granted ONE street collection licence a year so we need to maximise this to raise much needed funds to continue providing our services for older people.


As this is such a wide geographical area and we wish to make a real impact on the day we need as many volunteers as we can get to help; the more people that help the shorter the shifts will be!  As we are collecting in both Darwen and Blackburn, Audley range and Whalley range,  you will be able to help in the town nearest to home.


If you are able to help us for at least one hour on Saturday 6th June 2015 anytime between 9.00am and 6.00pm please would you contact Linda Guise or Elaine Jennings on 01254 266620 or email and put STREET COLLECTION in the subject heading.


If you have any friends/family aged 16 years+ who could accompany you and also help we would be really grateful.  If this is the case please could you please let us know when you confirm your attendance?


Remember this is YOUR local Charity for your older people!

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