Magical Maths

Dear student/graduate,
My name is Jenni Bradford, and I have conducted a PhD focused on how to better prepare
students for their post education lives. I am now aiming to help prepare students for the
competitive graduate job market that awaits them…………

I have joined forces with Magic Maths, a company which provides after school clubs
to primary schools in the UK. We are now going to run these clubs, using YOU as the

The clubs run across the UK throughout the whole academic year (September to July).
With support, you will be working in small teams to run the clubs. This will not only provide
you with the opportunity to gain PAID work experience, but also excellent
preparation for the world of work………………………………..

So…what is it exactly?
The Magical Maths clubs are delivered through a single, one hour session that covers a
variety of educational topics in a fun and exciting way. We have a different theme each
week, with some dressed up characters that will visit the schools from week to week,
including a maths detective, a maths genius, the mathletes, and a mathemagician.
Week one: Meet the maths detective
Week two: Become a maths genius
Week three: Meet the mathemagician
Week four: Olympic matheletics
Week five: Puzzles and Games
Week six: Vote for your favourite to

PAID work experience initiative designed for

(to be discussed in more detail below!)
This is maths, but not as you
know it….be prepared to have
some serious fun!!!!

P.S. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any
questions that you want answering.
It is essential that all students gain meaningful work experience valued by employers in
order to be adequately prepared for the competitive graduate job market. This is therefore
an opportunity that students should not miss out on!
This initiative will be beneficial for all students, regardless of your post HE aspirations i.e.
this is not just for students aiming to teach! Students involved will gain a
variety of skills, including:
Project management, independence, initiative…….
Leadership; team work; interpersonal working ability……
The ability to communicate with different populations; confidence to apply
knowledge; and many more!
Such skills are valued by employers in the variety of different environments that students
enter into, and these skills can effectively be marketed to potential employers after

How to apply:
Please go to and complete the form to
• DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly Criminal Records Bureau) certificate is
essential. This will be self-funded, but we can arrange for you to get one.
• You must be willing to travel to schools around Leicestershire.
• Access to a car is preferable.
• We go into Primary Schools after school and run a 1 hour fun math’s class, usually
around 3:30 – 4:30 though some schools have different times. You must be available from
2:30pm onwards.
• You must be impeccably reliable and punctual.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON January 1st 2015 – so
act quickly!
Here’s one of the club workers,
dressed as the ‘maths detective’!

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