Pattons Community

Pattons Community have compiled a national directory of charity shops which they are presenting as a website, and mobile APP.  It lists charity shops all over the country by town /  city – postcode or current location. As well as the shop listings there are also sections on ” The Charities ” and “ Good Stuff & Events “ On the Charities section any charity who wishes to participate gets a FREE page to present themselves, their work, awards, achievements, charity shops and any other info you feel is relevant . In the Good Stuff & Events section there will be details of organisations who support, supply, fundraise, recycle and generally live in and around the charity and third sector world. “ Events “ – in this section anyone can advertise a charity – fundraising event for a small investment of just £ 7.50 and so open it up to a much wider audience.


The mission is to show the public the vast amount of good work that is enabled by supporting charities, and the benefits this brings to local communities and wider society.




All the Mobile and Digital Technology  –   in particular smartphone tech


Social Media  –  huge  –   using just facebook only –  and only for those charities I have partnered up with – they have a combined facebook fan base of over 5 Million 


Video and imagery  –   a big and growing part of marketing


CRM set-up    –    I could do with a bespoke CRM to service my business.


Mail Chimp or similar setup


Marketing on all levels – vast scope inc creativity,  visual, digital.


Newsletters  –  Bogs  –  Podcasts,  including bringing in others within the sector to add value.

United Nations


May 2014


Dear users,

Young people make up a quarter of the world’s population — over 1.8 billion. They shape social and economic development, challenge social norms and values and build the foundation of the world’s future. In September last year, the United Nations Volunteers programme released its Youth Volunteering Strategy, which focuses on young people as engaged actors and agents of change. The strategy aims to give young people of all backgrounds and orientations access to volunteering opportunities while actively promoting South-South cooperation.

In this issue of the newsletter, we introduce you to youth activist and UN Online Youth Volunteer Jordan Sera from Côte d’Ivoire, whose values and commitment to volunteerism have strengthened his vision of young people as actors of positive social change.

We also share three reasons why it is important to provide feedback after you complete an online volunteering assignment.

And if you are interested in becoming a champion for women’s economic empowerment, the Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment is looking for applications from dynamic online volunteers. For more information, visit the Opportunity Search page and apply before 30 May 2014.



Best wishes, The Online Volunteering service team