Urgent Request for Volunteers – Age UK


Age UK Blackburn with Darwen urgently need some collectors for street collections and bag packing in local supermarkets to help with fundraising over the Christmas and New Year period. – just a few details we need from you and away you  go! This is a great way to help our local older people – all monies raised are spent locally within Blackburn with Darwen.

If you are interested please ring Linda Guise the volunteer co-ordinator on 01254 266620 or email volunteering@ageukbwd.org.uk

Magical Maths

Dear student/graduate,
My name is Jenni Bradford, and I have conducted a PhD focused on how to better prepare
students for their post education lives. I am now aiming to help prepare students for the
competitive graduate job market that awaits them…………

I have joined forces with Magic Maths, a company which provides after school clubs
to primary schools in the UK. We are now going to run these clubs, using YOU as the

The clubs run across the UK throughout the whole academic year (September to July).
With support, you will be working in small teams to run the clubs. This will not only provide
you with the opportunity to gain PAID work experience, but also excellent
preparation for the world of work………………………………..

So…what is it exactly?
The Magical Maths clubs are delivered through a single, one hour session that covers a
variety of educational topics in a fun and exciting way. We have a different theme each
week, with some dressed up characters that will visit the schools from week to week,
including a maths detective, a maths genius, the mathletes, and a mathemagician.
Week one: Meet the maths detective
Week two: Become a maths genius
Week three: Meet the mathemagician
Week four: Olympic matheletics
Week five: Puzzles and Games
Week six: Vote for your favourite to

PAID work experience initiative designed for

(to be discussed in more detail below!)
This is maths, but not as you
know it….be prepared to have
some serious fun!!!!

P.S. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any
questions that you want answering.
It is essential that all students gain meaningful work experience valued by employers in
order to be adequately prepared for the competitive graduate job market. This is therefore
an opportunity that students should not miss out on!
This initiative will be beneficial for all students, regardless of your post HE aspirations i.e.
this is not just for students aiming to teach! Students involved will gain a
variety of skills, including:
Project management, independence, initiative…….
Leadership; team work; interpersonal working ability……
The ability to communicate with different populations; confidence to apply
knowledge; and many more!
Such skills are valued by employers in the variety of different environments that students
enter into, and these skills can effectively be marketed to potential employers after

How to apply:
Please go to www.magicalmathsclub.com/work-us and complete the form to
• DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly Criminal Records Bureau) certificate is
essential. This will be self-funded, but we can arrange for you to get one.
• You must be willing to travel to schools around Leicestershire.
• Access to a car is preferable.
• We go into Primary Schools after school and run a 1 hour fun math’s class, usually
around 3:30 – 4:30 though some schools have different times. You must be available from
2:30pm onwards.
• You must be impeccably reliable and punctual.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON January 1st 2015 – so
act quickly!
Here’s one of the club workers,
dressed as the ‘maths detective’!

IT / Computing / Community / Teaching / Social


Age UK



Age UK Blackburn with Darwen are looking for volunteers to be part of our team of IT volunteers.


The role is to deliver IT classes to small groups of older people at our King Street office or community venues. We need volunteers who are patient and are able to understand IT and have knowledge of computers, the internet and Microsoft Office.  All we need is four hours of your time per week.


If you think you could be part of our team and make a difference to the lives of local, older people then we want to hear from you.


For more information contact Linda Guise, Volunteer Co-ordinator at Age UK Blackburn with Darwen on 01254 266620 or email volunteering@ageukbwd.org.uk

Marketing Placement – Bowland Trading

An opportunity has arisen with a Local Company to work within their marketing department to produce marketing materials & help grow their public awareness. Please See Below

Purpose of position;  to work alongside dynamic marketing department in providing creative electronic flyers/brochures for use in e-marketing campaigns, and printed brochures.

Key responsibilities; to produce effective brochures and flyers.  This can be vary from taking the photograph right through to liaising with suppliers over e-mail target mails/advertising campaigns.

Would need to have good communication skills as well as those described above as you will have to talk with other industry associates/suppliers.

Hours/days- flexible

Location- Darwen based, would require detailed consultation in Darwen office, maybe possible to complete off-site.

No training offered with regards to creating brochure, supportive staff and supportive office environment.

To Apply – Email an up to date professional CV to:  MartinO’Gorman – martin@bowlandtrading.com

Global Enterprise Guest Lectures – Please book yourself on NOW!!!!!

Blackburn College celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week on 14th to 21st November 2014. Be part of the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship.

If any of the events are fully booked please contact n.hall@blackburn.ac.uk

Book on Eventbrite via the links Below and use the code BBCOLL 

 Events  Dates  Location
My story of Enterprise and ‘The Voice’Daniella Gallagher is a champion for Start Up business and uses her inspiring story to educate and motivate her listeners in the field of creative entrepreneurship and employability. Tuesday, 11th November 201411:00 – 12:00 Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Learn how to develop and pitch a business idea – Interactive SessionGain skills to develop and pitch your idea with Winning Pitch Coaches. Prize for the best pitch! Friday, 14th November 201409:00 – 12:00 Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Start your own businessLearn from a business mentor how to Start your business. Monday, 17th November 201413:00 – 16:00 Delivery to your group for one hour between 13:00 – 16:00
Are you ready for business?Enterprise Lancashire workshop to give you the tools to help your business take off. Tuesday, 18th November 201409:30 – 12:30 Maynard Theatre, Old Victoria Building
Engineering Sector, Growth, Opportunities and Employability Stem Ambassador talks about the sector and NIS Engineering. Tuesday, 18th November 201411:00 – 12:00 Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Human Resources in BusinessFind out about the issues business face when they employ people. Tuesday, 18th November 201413:00 – 14:00 Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Developing a Business IdeaLearn how to develop a business idea. Wednesday, 19th November 2014 Maynard Theatre, Old Victoria Building
Employability and EnterpriseTogether Housing/REUSE and how engaging with business develops employability skills.
Multiple Sessions on Wednesday 19th November 2014 Delivery to your group. 2 sessions available. See Eventbrite.
My Business JourneyRichard Mellor MD of Cummings Mellor Recruitment talks about his business and employability. 
Wednesday, 19th November 2014,09:00 – 10:00  Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Brand YouHow to turn what is special in you into a real reason employ you in a job or as a freelancer.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014,10:00 – 11:00  Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Social Enterprise and EmployabilityFind out about Social Enterprise and how you can make money by creating Community benefit. Wednesday, 19th November 2014,13:30 – 14:30  Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
An Enterprising approach to Public HealthHow public health keeps the borough healthy and how it is reacting to Global Challenges e.g. Ebola.   Thursday, 20th November 201411:00-12:00 Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Construction and Change ManagementEric Wright Construction talk about the industry and how it has changed to survive the Global Recession.  Thursday, 20th November 201413:00-14:00  Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Graduate Recruitment Enterprise Car Rental will explain how students engage with Graduate Recruiters. Friday, 21st November 201410:00-11:00  Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College
Enterprise and Global Export in BlackburnEast Lancashire Chamber will talk about business support and exporting.
Friday, 21st November 201411:00 – 12:00   Lecture Theatre, University Centre at Blackburn College

University timetable sparse? Make the most of your ‘me time’

University timetable sparse? Make the most of your ‘me time’

If your lectures are few and far between, you could work, exercise, or learn more stuff.

Tired female student is trying to read book
There’s plenty of productive ways to spend your time between lectures. Photograph: Alamy

A lot changes when you get to university. One of the biggest surprises for me was how few hours I was required to spend in lectures and seminars. Many of us go from fully packed days at sixth form or college, to sporadic two-hour lectures at university.

While advice for adapting to the university lifestyle often focuses on social aspects, adapting to the academic structure can take time too.

At first it might be great to have so much free time on your hands, but without a set routine it can be difficult to fill your days with beneficial stimulus. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of becoming a motionless blob that lives and breathes Netflix.

So, if you are a member of the “barely there” club, here’s some productive ways to fill the hours spent away from lectures.

Actually study

You spent a small fortune on those books for a reason. Grab your highlighters and begin making notes on relevant topics. If you struggle to study at your house or flat, pack up everything and head to the library for the day: you’ll be less distracted and will have thousands of extra books on hand to help you out.

Get a job

Even if you are fortunate enough to not need the extra income to get by, a part-time job can be a great way to add structure to your week, meet new people and gain employment experience.

Learn a language

It’s unlikely that in your working life you will have time to dedicate an hour every day to learning a new language, so why not try now? There are some great language apps out there for on-the-go learning, so it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Ask flatmates or friends if they speak any other languages or if they fancy joining you as you learn: speaking to someone else in a different language is a vital part of the learning process.

Work out

Why not look up the health benefits of healthy foods and take up an exercise class, or start your mornings with a run? You could also walk to classes instead of taking the bus, or prepare food for tomorrow’s lunch rather than buying something greasy on campus.

Become Lord Sugar

You may not have the financial stability to invest in a large business idea, but if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at designing t-shirts, making jewellery or selling your services as a photographer, now is the time to do it.

With the option to study at any time of day, flexible working hours mean setting up a small business can be an easy way to add to your CV and your bank balance.

Find a cause

University is a great time to explore politics, so whether you’re interested in fighting for gender equality or banning animal testing, find like minded people and turn your beliefs into positive action.

Learn how to cook

It’s a long standing joke that students eat the oddest concoctions out of random ingredients – noodles and ketchup in a mug, anyone? But since you’re likely to be cooking for yourself every day, why not browse through some online recipes and whip up something a little different? Try some new meat, new vegetables or simply a new method of cooking. You don’t want toast again tonight, surely?

Have bitesize study breaks

I’m all for browsing the internet. However, with it being like a black hole filled with cat memes, it is likely to suck you in and distract you from work. If you do fancy having a break, try a Youtube video or two rather than a three hour Netflix marathon. TED provide great educational talks that are both informative and entertaining.

Lancashire County Council Placements – click the image

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